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Drug addiction in the state of Oregon is steadily on the rise, and the need for quality drug rehabilitation has never been more apparent. For the best possible results, an individual should receive help for their drug addiction as soon as it is determined that there is a problem. Oregon drug rehab programs often utilize many types of treatment strategies after taking into consideration the type of drug addiction that an individual is struggling with. Oregon drug rehab centers will evaluate the types of drugs an individual has used, the person's medical history, and the length of the drug addiction to help to determine the best possible course of individualized treatment. There are many different types of drug treatment programs for drug addiction, but experts in the field of substance abuse recommend the longest course of treatment to be administered in a residential inpatient setting. Short term drug rehab programs may work for a very few people with much less severe addictions that are treated in the initial stages. The most important aspect of an Oregon drug rehab in treating a drug addiction is that it must address both the physical and psychological dependency related to the substance abuse.

The first stage in most Oregon drug rehab centers will be the detoxification process, which will help to safely manage and minimize uncomfortable drug withdrawal symptoms. With the aid and support of the professionals at a quality Oregon drug rehab facility, some of this discomfort can be alleviated by various methods. It is only after an individual has successfully completed the detox process, that they can reap all of the potential benefits from treatment portion of the drug rehab program. The other components of the Oregon drug rehab facility can vary greatly depending on whether the program is inpatient or outpatient and the length of time that an individual will be receiving care. Some form of counseling, drug relapse prevention education and aftercare, are usually standard in the level of care that is administered in most long term residential treatment programs.

  • In 2008, the use of heroin was related to 115 deaths, which was almost a 30% increase from 2007, and the highest number since the year 2000 in this category.
  • Statistics that were released by the Oregon State medical Examiner have indicated that 232 people died in the state in 2007 from drug overdoses. Drug related deaths have continued to rise in the state of Oklahoma; these 2007 statistics represent an 8% increase for the second year in a row.
  • Cocaine is not considered a major drug threat currently in the state of Oregon.
  • Heroin is considered a drug threat in the state of Oregon; the two main types that are encountered there are black tar and brown heroin. Mexican black tar is most often smuggled into the state from Mexico, using various methods.
  • Meth is one of the most commonly abused and widely available drugs in the state of Oregon. It is made available in multi-pound amounts and is typically created in clandestine labs in the most rural parts of the state.
  • Ecstasy is available throughout Oregon and is commonly seized by law enforcement in multi-kilogram amounts. It is also available in varying amounts in metropolitan areas of the state and on various college campuses. GHB and Mexican Ketamine are commonly known to be abused throughout the state.
  • Marijuana is readily available in the state of Oregon, and the majority of the drug is cultivated in the city of Portland. Oregon voters have approved an initiative that has made the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes legal.
  • The state of Oregon is a key point in the shipment of drugs to Washington State and Canada.
  • The state of Oregon is known as a source for marijuana as well as a home to an increasingly growing number of clandestine meth labs.
  • Cocaine is available throughout the state of Oregon, and the most prevalent form that is found is the powder form of the drug. Crack cocaine is generally more readily available in urban areas of the state.
  • According to 2004-2005 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 291,000 of the citizens in the state of Oregon that are over the age of 12, reported using an illicit drug within the last 30 days.
  • Over 900,000 of citizens in the state of Oregon reported that the occasional use of marijuana is considered to be a "great threat".
  • The results of a 2007 survey in the state of Oregon indicated that over 36% of 11th grade females and over 40% of the males in 11th grade reported using marijuana on at least one occasion in their lifetime.
  • 4% of 11th grade males in the state of Oregon reported using heroin or other opiates and narcotics on at least one occasion in their lifetime.
  • 6.4% of 11th grade females in the state of Oregon have reported using cocaine on at least one occasion in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 62,000 of citizens in the state of Oregon that are over the age of 12 reported a past year illicit drug dependence.
  • The NSDUH results showed the 7.7% of 11th grad females and 7.3% of 11th grade males in the state of Oregon have reported abusing some type of a prescription drug within the past 30 days.
  • Approximately 5% of 8th grade females and 4.1% of 8th grade males have reported past month prescription drug abuse.

If you or someone you care about in the state of Oregon is in need of treatment for a drug addiction, contact an Oregon drug rehab facility right now for immediate assistance from a professional drug rehab specialist.

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Oregon Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Oregon drug trafficking sources share that this state is a transshipment point for controlled substances smuggled to Washington and Canada, and is also a consumer site. Oregon is a source of marijuana and also has a growing number of clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. Drug information from Oregon notes that cocaine is available; however it is not the preferred drug among most drug abusers in the state. Heroin and methamphetamine continue to be preferred by most drug abusers. Hispanic traffickers are the most common sources of cocaine in Oregon, and it is sold to Caucasian distributors. Crack cocaine is available but more so in the areas of Salem and southern Oregon.

Mexican black tar and brown heroin are the primary types of heroin distributed throughout Oregon, controlled by Hispanic poly-drug trafficking organizations. Heroin continues to be shipped from Mexico by a variety of methods, primarily by vehicles with hidden compartments. Heroin typically is transported overland to Portland via the Interstate 5 corridor from source cities in Mexico through traffickers in California. Many of the Hispanic traffickers belong to extended Mexican families from regions such as Nayarit and Michoacan, where traffickers use their familial contacts in Mexico and California to smuggle heroin into the state. These organizations also traffic in cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana (of Mexican origin).

As with the rest of the country, meth is one of the most widely abused controlled substances in the state. Two "varieties" are generally encountered: Mexican methamphetamine, which is either manufactured locally or obtained from sources in Mexico, California, or other Southwest Border states; and methamphetamine which is produced locally by area violators.

Of the two types, Mexican methamphetamine continues to flood the market. Methamphetamine is available in multi-pound amounts throughout western Oregon, and smaller quantities are available in Eastern Oregon. Canadian pseudoephedrine, utilized in the manufacture of methamphetamine, is frequently seized at clandestine laboratory sites.

Crystal "ice" methamphetamine is increasing in availability and is the exclusive type of methamphetamine available in central Oregon. In the greater Portland area a rise in syphilis cases accompanied the popularity of crystal methamphetamine and health officials fear it may fuel a surge in HIV infections.

MDMA (Ecstasy) is available throughout the state, and multi-kilogram seizures are common. It is accessible in varying quantities in the larger cities and on college campuses, as well as outlying areas. MDMA is often traded for high grade marijuana, either grown locally or BC Bud marijuana from British Columbia, Canada. GHB laboratories have been seized in conjunction with methamphetamine laboratories. Mexican Ketamine is also smuggled into the state. MDMA is often traded for high grade marijuana, either grown locally or BC Bud marijuana from British Columbia, Canada.

Drug information on the state of Oregon notes that marijuana is readily available throughout the state. The majority of marijuana available in Portland is cultivated in home grow operations. Multi-thousand plant outdoor marijuana growing gardens have been discovered on national forest land in southern Oregon which indoor marijuana grows of similar size have been found in buried shipping containers.

Canadian and domestic marijuana in the Portland area is available in multi pound amounts. Mexican marijuana is present, but not prevalent. Mexican grown marijuana is transported using existing heroin and methamphetamine distribution routes and methods. It is typically transported overland via Interstate 5 and U.S. Highway 101 in western Oregon.

Drug traffickers through Oregon typically use passenger vehicles fitted with hidden compartments or attempt to otherwise conceal the drugs within the vehicle. Canadian marijuana smugglers use passenger vehicles, fishing vessels, private aircraft (fixed wing and helicopters), and "mules" to smuggle the drug into the state. Traffickers take advantage of rural airfields to smuggle large quantities of marijuana.

The most commonly abused pharmaceutical drugs in the state are hydrocodone (Vicodin) and benzodiazepines (Xanax and Klonopin). Hydrocodone for street sales has been smuggled into the state via mail parcels from California. Soma is a Schedule IV controlled drug in Oregon and is often used in combination with narcotic analgesics. The most prevalent methods of diversion are pharmacy theft and fraudulent prescriptions. Hydrocodone for street sales has been smuggled into the state via mail parcels from California.

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